About Me


I’m a New York City native who earned a degree in philosophy from Brown University in 2005, only to discover upon graduation that there weren’t many philosophy companies hiring. So I did the next best thing: returned to New York to pursue a career in journalism, and wound up splitting my time between heavy drinking and light writing (read: bartending).

I soon landed a job as Associate Editor at YRB Magazine, where I wrote and edited celebrity interviews and music, entertainment and pop-culture features, and deluded myself into thinking that anyone had ever heard of YRB Magazine.

In 2007 I was hired as the Nightlife Editor at Citysearch New York. I was soon promoted to Senior Editor, which forced me to do things like learn how to oversee a staff and manage a highly trafficked website. In late 2010, Citysearch suspended editorial operations and all the editors were laid off, so I spent the next year alternating between Googling myself and freelancing for a laundry list of outlets, including Time Out New York and American Express Publishing.

Just as I was beginning to enjoy having no money and lots of credit card debt, in January 2012 I was offered a staff position as Web Editor at Details Magazine, which I gladly accepted. Later that year, I said farewell to Conde Nast, and began a two-year stint as Senior Editor at Maxim.com, where I got to do things like go to Dublin for St Patrick’s Day and make videos with Newman from Seinfeld.

As of July 2014, I’m happily back to freelancing full-time. In addition to writing for a handful of print and online outlets, I am currently serving as Interim Managing Editor of Local Markets at Refinery29, overseeing content in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Chicago and London through early 2015.

And that, kids, is the story of why you should never spend $200K on a college education — or if you do, at least major in finance.

For freelance inquiries, email justine.goodman@gmail.com


  1. Hi Justine,
    I sent you an email a while back and I was wondering if you got it at all or maybe it got lost in the sea of spam…
    Can’t wait to hear from you!

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