Read My New Article in On the Issues Magazine

This is my mom in 1967, when there was no internet or HBO and everything was boring.

Although I typically write about fun things like celebrities and booze–or, as my mom might say, “things you don’t need to go to Brown for”–sometimes I have occasion to cover more serious subjects. Case in point: My new article about the history of abortion in New York State for On The Issues Magazine. For the piece, I interviewed my mother, Emily Jane Goodman, who was one of the lawyers on the original legal team that sought to challenge New York’s anti-abortion laws in 1969, before the passage of Roe v. Wade at the federal level. Sounds fun, right? Read it at On the Issues.

Citysearch: What Would the ’08 Candidates Drink? A Super Tuesday Special Report

BESTPIX  U.S. President Barack Obama Visits Ireland
Super Tuesday is finally upon us, and while a gaggle of legitimate news outlets will be focused on boring us to death with talk of “precincts,” “delegates” and “exit polls,” we at Citysearch are bringing you the kind of hard-hitting, no-nonsense reporting that really matters. Specifically, we’re investigating a question that is of the utmost importance when it comes to selecting a new leader of the free world: “What would the presidential candidates drink, and where would they drink it?”

So, if you’re wondering how Obama’s plan to get the hell outta Dodge (where by “Dodge” I mean “Baghdad”) compares to McCain’s plan to keep us there for another 100 years, I couldn’t tell you. And if you’re unsure of how Clinton’s plan to offer universal health care differs from Romney’s plan to withhold it, I just don’t know. But what I do know is that by the time the polls close on Tuesday night, all of the candidates, winners and losers alike, will be fiending for a liquid fix.

So here’s our take on what and where each of them would drink–if the cameras (and evangelists) weren’t watching.  Continue reading