YRB Magazine Interview: Rapper Lil’ Jon

Crunk Ain’t Dead.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, also known as the easiest day of the year to get laid. You’ll still have to pay for it – but with flowers and chocolate instead of by the hour. Hey, romance might be dead, but take solace in the fact that like sweet crunk music, love is alive and well – just ask Lil’ Jon. We did, and here’s what the original dirty South rapper had to say.

JG: In “Lovers and Friends” you talk about “knowing a girl for a long time, but fuckin’ never crossed your mind.” Is that your definition of love?
LJ: Well, that was in the ‘friends’ context… . If you got a homegirl that’s your homegirl, sometimes you don’t never even think about crossing that line. That’s what that was about, just having a female that’s your friend. But sometimes, someone that you’re friends with, something might happen where you just look at someone in a different way, like, ‘Damn, this person been around me all this time, and now I see something else.’ When I first met my wife, I knew that was someone I wanted to be with. We was friends for a lotta years before we even started. And really, the friends in your life are the ones you end up settling down with, only because you known them the longest, you trust them the longest, they know everything about you, and they’re your friend. 

JG: What are the most important qualities in a girl?
They have to be intelligent. They have to be able to listen, as well. Like women want us to listen, but sometimes women gotta listen, too, and know when to just sit back and be quiet and know when to listen to what somebody got to say. All women really want in a man is somebody that listens and tries to understand you, and really that’s one thing we like too – we like somebody that’ll listen too, show us some comfort. So I think a good listener. [Second], you wanna be able to have an intelligent conversation with somebody. You don’t wanna have someone that just is not on the same level. That’s the worst thing in the world, to talk to somebody and realize they an idiot. And personality is important – I’d say those are the three things. Personality, that’s what makes you laugh at someone, that makes them help you to look at shit in a different light, helps you to have fun.

JG: What do you think about dudes that rock the same clothes as their girlfriends?
Oh that’s the lamest shit in the world! Back in high school, oh my god…we’d see that and be like, ‘Oh, he in love,’ or, ‘He pussy-whipped.’ Cause what kind of man wanna dress up exactly like his woman? That shows you’re just blinded.

JG: How do you know if a girl is cheating on you?
It’s hard to tell with women because they the most cunning creatures in the world. You can never tell. A woman can make eye contact with a guy she see in the mall while she with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend never know, cause she’ll be cool – cooler than the other side of the pillow. While if it’s the guy, and he with his girlfriend, he gon’ get nervous, gonna walk the other way and start sweatin’. But with a girl, really there’s no way, it’s just hard to tell… Guys, they just suck at being cheaters. ‘Cause guys get lazy, they don’t cover their tracks. A guy will not even tell his homeboy and his girl might see the nigga at the mall and be like, ‘What ya’ll do last night?’ and he be like, ‘Shit, uh, I was at the crib, but what’s good with you?’

JG: Are you into a girl that can chill with your boys, or is it better to chill with your girlfriend solo?
You don’t want your wife to be best friends with your best friend. ‘Cause that can lead to all types of shit. Just like I was sayin’ before, how you might have friends you look at one way and then all of sudden you look at ‘em differently, like, ‘Oh shit,’ and they look at you different, too. You don’t want your girl being too close with your friends – that’s just like setting yourself up. For some people it’s cool, but I ain’t never really been a fan of that.

JG: So how did you propose to your wife?
Uh…I forgot. I think we were sitting down, eating dinner… I think it mighta been on Valentine’s Day or her birthday or something…yeah, I think it was her birthday.


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