Tribeca Film Festival: Inside the “Baby Mama” Premiere

Moma_partyThe Tribeca Film Festival is off to a strong start, with the stars turning out for last night’s world premiere of “Baby Mama” at the Ziegfeld. We were in attendance at the official after-party, held at the Museum of Modern Art, which could have been mistaken for a “Saturday Night Live” reunion. In addition to Lorne Michaels and “Baby Mama” stars Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, guests at the MoMa included a long list of present and former cast-members, like Jimmy Fallon (who eventually left the party with former “SNL” player Chris Kattan), Rachel Dratch, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen, Molly Shannon and even Chevy Chase. But the superstar of the evening was Steve Martin, who sauntered in wearing a panama hat, spent most of his time at a table with Lorne and Chevy and later departed without obliging the fans who were waiting outside for an autograph. (That said, Martin’s role in “Baby Mama” is much funnier than the rest of the movie.)

Other big name guests included Poehler’s hilarious husband, Will Arnett, Seth Green (of “Family Guy” / “Austin Powers” / “Robot Chicken” fame), and Dax Shepard (whom I profiled in an interview piece last year), who doted on girlfriend Kristen Bell, star of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” most of the night.

Several sad people outside were hoping to catch a glimpse of Robert De Niro, who wasn’t even there. One such fan informed me he was also there to see Frank Oz (better known as the voice of Yoda), who was my next-door neighbor on the Upper West Side for many years, and who I didn’t see at the MoMa. Just as I was breaking the news that the Oz / De Niro gala must have been on the other side of town, Lorne Michaels walked outside. One eager fan yelled, “Lorne, can I get a picture?” to which Lorne responded, “I’m good, thanks,” and jumped in a car.

A 30-second clip from inside the party, taken on my date’s cell-phone from the future, is below.

One thought on “Tribeca Film Festival: Inside the “Baby Mama” Premiere

  1. J rando says:

    picture this, the song windy by the association. Listen to the words, and pretend windy is a hooker.

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